Let there be...

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Hmm, I think perhaps not that line.

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Comments (5)

  1. DeeinFL

    Nice to go along with this quote…and remember it.

    July 09, 2012
  2. envypierowe

    That is so true…

    July 09, 2012
  3. glassylady

    So simple, but do they ever think to do it in slasher movies?

    July 09, 2012
    1. Lucifer_the_Morningstar

      I don’t generally watch slasher movies. Too much like the day job.

      July 09, 2012
      1. glassylady

        Interesting! I won’t ask! I don’t watch them either. The cliche just popped into my head. Must have been slasher by association. It is a good quote!

        July 09, 2012